At 100% EVENT we believe the ‘Smallest Details Make the Biggest Difference!’


B-BBEE compliant, 100% EVENT has over 15 years experience in providing quality event services. Our loyal clients rely on our respected name in specialised event project management, creating quality “Event Experiences” ranging from intimate soirées, the perfect weddings to extravagant corporate activations. As you read this, we hope you will be intrigued by our bold concepts and various multi-dimensional compliments that will ensure the success of your special occasion.

Customer service remains the backbone of our mission. Every request becomes our priority. We enjoy working side by side with our clients, because at 100% EVENT, we believe every client deserves “consistent delivery, excellent quality and absolute authenticity”. Our experienced staff of ‘Experiential Engineers’ (otherwise referred to as the “ATeam”), prepare a customer proposal that clearly communicates the products and services that match your requirements and of course, your budget. We stay in touch with you up to the day of the big event to ensure schedules and your needs are met.

Allow us to VISUALISE, ORGANISE and SYNCHRONISE the different layers of your event experience using our unique resources, operations and world-leading project management techniques. We will work with you on the smallest details to fulfil the creative potential of your production. Allow 100% EVENT to earn your satisfaction today and gain your customer loyalty for years to come.


100% EVENT has a clear vision to maintain its position as a world-class Special Event Management Company, providing our clients with a diverse range of innovative event concepts that keep people talking long after the event is over.

Our company is fully committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations:

  • In response to customer requests, we proactively propose a range of viable alternatives that represent meaningful choices in cost and functionality
  • We fully inform customers of everything relevant to their event decisions
  • We help customers make wise purchase decisions
  • We value our customers’ decisions


To deliver high quality events that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers and suppliers. Constantly striving to meet our customers’ expectations. We will stay ahead of the competition by transforming ideas into new and innovative products and services.


  • We follow through to be successful
  • We strive to do it right first time, every time
  • We take responsibility in contributing to our clients’ successful events
  • We listen attentively
  • We communicate and share all relevant information
  • We deliver exceptional, high-quality service
  • We show respect, honesty and integrity in all our communications
  • We have pride in our work, our company and ourselves
  • We treat people fairly and equitably
  • We manage our business with a commitment to excellence


The 100% EVENT logo illustrates our core values…

The Name. We’re 100 percent an event company - fully focussed to set aside distractions. That’s why we’re able to make 100% effort to ensure your event’s success.

The Tick. Our involvement in every detail means we tick all the right boxes, leaving nothing to chance in achieving planned outcomes.

The Colours. Black and platinum echo our classic high-end event sentiments that we bring to every occasion, while red is symbolic of the excitement and creativity that’s at the centre of all we do.

The Tagline. Our team’s vast experience and expertise means we truly add “Pro” to “Professional!”

With 100% EVENT as your event partner, all these benefits come together to ensure you enjoy an innovative, extraordinary and exquisite event experience.


As part of our commitment to providing our clients with 'unparalleled service excellence,' we maintain memberships and adhere to the codes of conduct of the following industry associations:

  • PCO Alliance Network - WE HONOUR OUR INDUSTRY as a proud member of the PCO
    Alliance Network (since 2015)


  • ISES/ILEA - The International Special Event
    Society (USA Since 2002)


  • SAACI - South African Association for the Conference Industry (Since 2009)


  • SA HOST - A Commitment to Quality Service in South Africa (Since 2002)


  • THE SPECIAL EVENT - Hands on One Hundred (USA since 2003)


100% EVENT is proud to be BEE COMPLIANT:


BEE Certification (Pty) Ltd understands the importance of confidentiality and is committed to ensure andmaintain the highest level of confidentiality in all operations;
BEE Certification (Pty) Ltd understands the importance of and is committed to impartiality especially when managing conflicts of interest;
BEE Certification (Pty) Ltd undertakes not to imply that BEE Verification would be simpler, faster, or less expensive where the services of Consultancy Agencies are employed.