The 100% EVENT A+ Team are looking forward to working and sharing our professionalism with you in the near future.


Led by Paul Rouessart

“Together with professional business partners, our team will research, manage and coordinate your entire event, focusing at all times on creativity, reliability and professionalism” - Paul

Paul’s experience is vast and varied. He has managed events ranging from international conventions and exhibitions to corporate functions and domestic private parties. Paul specialises in creative design, event management and coordination, drawing on his extensive international knowledge to lead the ‘A+ Team’.

Paul has furthered his professional development in many different areas:

  • Bachelors Degree - BSc. (1990)
  • Postgraduate Studies - H.Dip.Ed (1991)
  • Protocol, Disaster Management & Event Project Management (Certified Courses)
  • SA Host (Certified Customer Care)
  • Currently enrolled for CSEP Certification
  • Training and lecturing eventing modules for event support learners and event coordinators

In order to produce successful events:

  • Our Team does not assume anything.
  • We never say we know something if we don’t - we find out the answer.
  • We eliminate our variables.
  • We recognise “Safety First”.
  • Our Team gives our clients all that we promise and more.
  • 100% EVENT is professional.
  • 100% EVENT believes communication is key to a successful event.
  • We satisfy our client’s needs and expectations.
  • We are organised and provide clients with schedules, confirmations and timelines.
  • Our Team is prepared and we know our vendors’ responsibilities and capabilities.
  • We believe that details make the difference… and we pay attention to them.
  • We are flexible throughout conception and execution of the event.
  • We believe in bringing major vendors, managers and facility staff together at the event site before the event date, to work out all of the details.
  • We listen to our clients’ opinions.
  • Our staff are trained in their specific duties and responsibilities.